Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Wide and Bright

Thursday Aug 08th, 2019


No matter where you are financially, quality time is always available and with just a bit of love and creativity you can easily create a home.” – Kendell Fox

Whatever the size of your house is - it may be big, medium or small, a beautiful looking home is a dream of every homeowner. However, when you live in a small home, you face a huge problem with interior decoration and designs as you need to fit your all home aspects into a small place. 

And doing it so is a troublesome task. But do you know that there are certain ways that you can adopt in your interior design to make your home look more wide and bright?

Yes, it is true! Sorting some things in a certain manner or adding some innovative touch in your home decoration can make your home look wider and brighter than actual. 

Here, we share with you, top 5 ways that help you make your home look Wide and Bright -


Build-In Furniture

Using build-in furniture is one of the prominent options to create a huge space - free for your home. For the first time home buyers - who have an option to design a home as per their requirements, must go with build-in furniture option. This type of furniture in a narrow room or hallway can save a few inches and make it feel Bigger and open.

Install Sliding Doors

Adding doors that swings can take up a huge space of your house and you need to keep a space for each door while making a setup of your home. So the best option for doors to be used in a home with space is Sliding door. These type doors give a huge space to other material and make your entrance more broad. 

Don’t go Overboard on Color

Adding too many colors for the interior decoration of your home make it hard to visualize the entire image of your home. Professional home designers recommend that use just two to three accent colors throughout the home will add a pop that looks cohesive without going over the top. It makes your home more settled and bigger. 

Opt for Unique Hardware Finishes

Using traditional bulky hardware for your home can cover a huge space and also trouble the space of other stuff too. It's recommended to use unique hardware such sofa cum bed other things like that which can give an option to use a single thing for multiple uses. These kinds of stuff are small in size and give you double benefit. 

Natural light

Don't let your home shines only with artificial light. Add some space for the entrance of natural light that automatically blends the indoors with the outdoors, creating a wide-open feeling. By keeping your drapes and windows open, avoiding window sill clutter, and make sure large furniture isn’t blocking windows, this way you can enhance the natural light in your home. It’s a great way to make your small space feel larger. 

These above-mentioned ways are prominent to render a bright and Wide feel to your home - making it more welcoming for visitors and overwhelming place for you!


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