Top 5 Things To Know Before Leasing Any Property

Top 5 Things To Know Before Leasing Any Property.

Monday Jul 15th, 2019


Moving into a new apartment is quite exciting stuff for all. In such excitement, people often rush into signing the lease agreement for the property because once they discover the desired property for them, they feel the fear of losing it to another desperate tenant. 

However, a buyer needs to be calm and well-aware about the property before signing in any lease agreement as it will be painful in future if they realize it’s a disputed property, then the whole dream of buying a new property will turn into a nightmare.   

If you too looking for Sale & Rental Properties in Toronto, here are the top 5 things to know before leasing any Property in order to avoid a few nasty surprises further down the road.

Make Proper Document of Exact Property Condition

Before you sign for the new property, you must list the exact condition of the property in order to get rid of future brawls. This document you have created should be legally authorized and both you & landlord need to put a sign on it. This will be an acknowledgment for the issues that were there before you moved in and that they are not your responsibility to fix.

Look for Parking

It looks not to a serious issue in the start but soon it will so don't overlook the parking at the new property. Make a proper investigation of security around where your car will be parked and make sure that it’s in a secure location. If there is a case that owner offers you with a facility to park in the outer street then make sure there are certain bays near your property, and that the street doesn’t get too full in the evenings.


Police Verification

It's a major process that helps an owner to check the background of the tenant. Before you sign a lease make sure to provide this to the owner. With this, the owner will not be able to put any allegation regarding your past and also it's a punishable offense if this document is not available.


Evaluate all Appliances and Fixtures

When you make the first visit to the property you are renting, make sure to evaluate all appliances and fixtures are running in a proper manner. Don't go with the assumption that everything is going fine. Go throughout the property and turn on taps, flush toilets, switch on the oven and any other appliances that are part of the deal. Also, keep a proper list of everything that what is working and what is damaged so that the thing are either repaired or replaced before you move in.


Understand the Termination Policy

Switching the property can be a case in the Future because you never know when you need to move. To keep yourself ready for such situation get proper knowledge of the termination policy in advance. Read out all the conditions in the agreement before signing it. Check for things like how many months’ notice you need to give, whether there any Deductions in your security deposit and what the cleaning requirements are. It will help you to be ready for a quick exit, even if you don’t plan on moving any time soon.


Make sure to double check all these above-mentioned things while you are signing for a Sale and Rental Properties in Toronto

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