Beware of these Clever Tactics That Agents May Use to Fool You.

Buying A New Home? Beware of these Clever Tactics That Agents May Use to Fool You.

Wednesday Aug 14th, 2019


This is an excellent property! This is the best property in this area! Prices are too down nowadays – perfect time to buy a property! This property is at its least price for this particular period only!


Have you heard all these words from a Real Estate Agent while Searching for a new properties? Yes, because these are some of the most common tricks used by property agents to create eagerness amongst buyer to purchase the property ASAP. Most of the buyers are easily tricked and pay extra than the actual amount. 


If you are going to buy a new home but don’t want to be deceived by an agent, then this blogpost will surely gonna help you out. 


Here, we share with you, how to decode catchy real estate lingo, so you don't get fooled when buying for your new home. 


  • They Create Limited - Time Offers To Make You Rush

Most real estate agency often uses a trick in which they mark around 90% of the property is SOLD or BOOKED and only a few are left. Sometimes they create an artificial scarcity of reduced price that tricks you to buy in a hurry without making a proper evaluation of the value of the property. Beware of such tricks and make proper research before buying a property.


  • Try To Convince You With Photos

Flashy Pictures, Deep Colouring and Brighter images is one of the best Selling points for the Real estate agents. This is the trick often used by agents to fool the customers. However, the actual state or property is far different. So always visit a property for a couple of times before buying it, don't believe in photos only.


  • Showing Rush In Other Buyer

Agents always try to pretend there is a wide number of buyers - available for similar property, just to make you rush of purchasing it. The buyer rushes in this situation and pays extra than the actual amount. Beware of rushing! Just remember one thing, if you are not completely satisfied with the property, don't negotiate with your senses and don't make a purchase. 


  • Misleading with Prices

There are more chances of being fooled by an agent when you sell a property. In this time, agents mostly mislead you with the actual value of your money and pay you less by showing several errors related to your property. Do not believe them, make a proper evaluation of a property before selling it. 

These above-mentioned tricks are one of the most used tricks by real estate agents to make a fool of you. To get rid of all such tricks, use online SmartSearch app offered by many reputed Real Estate companies such as SellWith Nabeel. It helps you browse all available listings in the market with accurate market price and condition.


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