Taxes Related to Buying a New Home

Saturday Nov 16th, 2019


HST Rebate on new home purchase: In most countries, the display price is what you pay for the products you buy. In Canada, you always pay more than the display price, because the price shown on the display doesn't include GST/HST/PST. This is normal for the most Canadians but may be confusing for the visitors or people who are new to Canada.  However, when Canadians buy a new home from a builder, they pay the price agreed in the purchase and sales agreement. This may lead one to... [read more]

Milton Market Update (Prices Climbing as Housing Remains Scarce in Halton)

Wednesday Dec 4th, 2019

Market Update

Prices Climbing as Housing Remains Scarce in Halton if you're hoping to purchase a home before the year end, be prepared for rising prices of homes caused by low inventory in the market. This lack of new housing inventory is driving prices higher, as motivated buyers are being forced to compete for a limited amount of houses. find your new home with Nabeel Amjad Top agent working in Halton Region property-search The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) says that GTA realtors... [read more]

Why Rental Properties Is The Best Way To Make Money

Monday Aug 26th, 2019

Why Rental Properties Is The Best Way To Make Money

The real estate business has attracted investors to earn fortunes and ensure wealth flow for the future. The very first step for the beginner in the real estate investment is considered the range of investment and the very suitable option is the low-risk investment.  Rental properties are among one of those investments which are low risk. It is the best way to make money as the invested money is working further to produce money. The investment made under the rental property is capable... [read more]

Buying A New Home? Beware of these Clever Tactics That Agents May Use to Fool You.

Wednesday Aug 14th, 2019

 Beware of these Clever Tactics That Agents May Use to Fool You.

This is an excellent property! This is the best property in this area! Prices are too down nowadays – perfect time to buy a property! This property is at its least price for this particular period only!   Have you heard all these words from a Real Estate Agent while Searching for a new properties? Yes, because these are some of the most common tricks used by property agents to create eagerness amongst buyer to purchase the property ASAP. Most of the buyers are easily tricked... [read more]

Why Toronto Attracts Significant Attention from Buyers and Investors?

Wednesday Jul 31st, 2019

property for sale in Toronto

Toronto is one of the fastest-growing cities of Canada where the real estate has been immensely growing over the past decade. The prices of real estate in Toronto are skyrocketing. But still, all real estate investors have one eye on its fast-growing markets and are ready to invest in Toronto as it has emerged as one of the five largest tech markets in North America.    This city of Canada has come up with the number of reasons that attract significant attention from buyer and... [read more]