Taxes Related to Buying a New Home

Saturday Nov 16th, 2019


HST Rebate on new home purchase: In most countries, the display price is what you pay for the products you buy. In Canada, you always pay more than the display price, because the price shown on the display doesn't include GST/HST/PST. This is normal for the most Canadians but may be confusing for the visitors or people who are new to Canada.  However, when Canadians buy a new home from a builder, they pay the price agreed in the purchase and sales agreement. This may lead one to... [read more]

Three Things you can do to Raise the Value of Your Home Without Spending thousands of dollars

Tuesday Jun 11th, 2019

Century 21| Nabeel Amjad

Every homeowner wants to boost the value of their investment — hopefully without spending tons of cash and that makes sense noone wants to spend thousands of dollars just when they're selling their home. That's why home owners should consider these things Before listing their home on the market to get the maximum value out of their home. Think again before you rip out the entire kitchen The first thing i recommend homeowners do before a major overhaul is “look at... [read more]



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